Testosterone Comparison & raquo; MAX-BODY


Testosterone Comparison & raquo; MAX-BODY bodybuilding long

Testosterone Comparison »MAX-BODY

Testosterone Cypionate for Sale – Testosterone Cypionate Price

Modern bodybuilding has long reaped the fruits of the explosion of the pharmacological industry. Modern bodybuilding has long reaped the benefits of the explosion of the pharmacological industry. Today, anyone

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Two esters of testosterone, cypionate and enanthate, firmly included in the list of the main pharmacological agents used in bodybuilding. Both drugs are equally effectively used for a strong, pronounced set of muscle mass in the form of an oil solution. Injection drugs put, as a rule, once a week. In this case, the dosage may vary from 200 mg to 3000 mg. Naturally, the amount of dosage is determined by the experience of the athlete, as well as the level of his health, the degree of development and achievements in sports.

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In addition to the increase in raw muscle mass, both drugs significantly increase strength and contribute to the formation of a light pump during exercise. Cypionate and enanthate begin to “turn on” from the middle or closer to the end of the 2nd week of the course. The preparations lead to a significant fluid retention, however, the gained mass differs in density and bulking, which is incomparably better compared to the similar effect from methandrostenolone. Both testosterone esters can almost equally aromatize and suppress natural testosterone production. Therefore, regardless of whether cypionate or enanthate is used, measures of prophylaxis and post-course therapy are equally carried out.

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Testosterone Comparison & raquo; MAX-BODY bodybuilding long

Features of testosterone cypionate intake

Testosterone Cypionate by Accordo RX – benefits for sportsmen

The half-life of this drug is a little longer than two weeks, but what are the side effects of winstrol for greater efficiency and to maintain a high, stable blood concentration of testosterone, it is given once a week. Unlike enanthate, cypionate has established itself as an American steroid. If in the countries of Asia and Europe enanthate is predominantly produced, then in the USA it is cypionate. Perhaps, therefore, it was felt that cypionate is better than enanthate, since it is more often used by American pros.

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The nuances of using testosterone enanthate

Nowadays, testosterone enanthate, which can be bought or ordered, for example, is produced here in greater quantities than testosterone cypionate, and therefore its prevalence is much higher. It is believed that the bioavailability of the main active ingredient of this drug is slightly higher than that of its counterpart. The reason for this is the shorter length of the molecular chain of the ether (by one carbon atom). As practice shows, in reality, the special advantages of enanthate over cypionate simply do not exist. The best performance declared by some athletes is explained by the individual characteristics of their body or simply by subjective sensations.

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