Just like trying to find a guy who meets certain exact standards, trying to reach an exact weight is a lofty—and often unattainable—goal. Having a range, such as losing five to 10 pounds, may lead to a more women fitness successful outcome than if you aim to lose precisely 8 pounds in four weeks, according to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Flexible goals seem more feasible, which in turn boosts your sense of accomplishment, encouraging you to stay driven, the study authors say.

What are intervals why skiers …


What are spacing? Why do skiers do interval training?

Interval training consists of high-intensity work segments in alternation with intervals of low intensity or rest. You can construct interval workouts to achieve different goals — by changing the Natural bodybuilding. Down with Bodybuilding Chemistry – Coastal Family Health length of the work interval and the rest time.

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In this article we will answer some common questions about interval training:

Question interval training

Question: interval training is needed only for professional athletes?

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Answer: No, not only!

interval training Answer

Interval training is one of the most effective ways to prepare for a competition, regardless of your level.

They will help body builder having sex you:

– learn to compete with higher speed

– increase the time during which you can maintain high intensity and high speed skiing

– improve recovery speed

– teach your body to switch between different sources of energy

At the same time interval training faster than any other, will help you in solving the above tasks.

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However, studies show that such training is good not only for competitive purposes.

Question: Why do I need to perform interval training?

Answer: Intervals are one of the key means of speed development. However, they must be performed “wisely.” A typical mistake is too high speed during short intervals: as a rule, skiers have enough strength to perform short accelerations, but at the speed technique and coordination of movements can suffer. It is important to ensure that you keep the correct technique when performing interval work! Therefore, increase the speed gradually, allowing your body to master the movement at a high pace.

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During interval training, you train your body to work at high speed, moving much faster than during the competitions you are preparing for (for example, a ski marathon). Improved coordination at high speed will help you maintain good technique during competition. In addition, interval work contributes to rapid recovery, which is very important in ski racing, where there are usually ups and downs.

Q: Can I lose weight with interval training?

Answer: Yes, you can. Studies claim that interval training can be a very effective and fast way to lose weight – no worse than long-term, low-intensity workouts.

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A recent study in Japan showed that a workout consisting of two intense blocks of 30 minutes each with a 20-minute rest between them burns more fat than a long 60-minute training session.

And finally, the intervals add variety and variability to your workouts, which makes them more interesting, flying just unnoticed!

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Question: Why do age athletes often recommend interval training?

Answer: Such training proved to be the most effective in combating the manifestations of aging of the body. A recent study in Norway showed that interval training is better than prolonged quiet exercises that help lower cholesterol, regulate the ratio of fatty acids in the blood, and maintain a healthy metabolism. They also help maintain heart health.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before starting a workout program and watch your doctor regularly when you train!

Question: If interval training is so good, why not just do it all the time?

Answer: Because it is impossible to sustain. Be prepared that you will feel tired after completing the intervals. If you do not feel tired, most likely you are not working on training. Your body will need 1-2 days of rest after a well-conducted interval training. Professional athletes sometimes do up to 5 interval sessions per week during the speed training phase; lovers are advised to take intervals no more than 2-3 times a week.

Question: What do I need to do before starting interval training?

Answer: You should warm up, warm up so that the body is ready to perform the workout.


The reason why interval training is so effective is their intensity. Intensive work, even of short duration, forces the heart and respiratory system to work hard, which is a stimulus for physiological changes Natural Bodybuilding – sports portal | Cool Men Hairstyles in the whole organism.

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If all your workouts are the same, average for the load, you will burn calories on them, but such workouts will not stimulate the body to significant changes and increase in physical fitness. In order to do the work of high intensity, it is necessary to warm up well and to ensure that the correct technique is maintained during the intervals. We recommend that you warm up for at least 10 minutes.

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