Bench press variations

What muscles work in the bench press exercise

     "  The main ones: large pectoral

     "  Auxiliary: triceps, deltas

What muscles work when bench press

How to do the bench press

Good day dear readers. So we got to the most popular and, probably, the basic exercise for the development of the pectoral muscles - bench press lying on a horizontal bench.

And let's look at the exercises from a bodybuilding point of view, and not from the submission of powerlifting or other power sports style. After all, there are many differences in the technique of the exercise Legal Steroids for Sale. Our primary goal is muscle gain.

How horizontal bench press lying in motion looks in motion


Back position. Setting a goal gain muscle mass With a bench press on a horizontal bench, you need to concentrate the load on the target muscles for which this exercise is intended - on the pectoral muscles. Therefore, never make a bridge with your back. You should not bend in the lumbar. So you simplify the work of the pectoral muscles, the lower part of the pectoral and triceps will begin to turn on more.

Your task is to make the exercises more difficult for yourself Bodybuilding Steroids for Sale. You must press the buttocks and lower back to the bench, as an option, you can put your feet on the bench, so the gap between the lower back and bench to decrease at times.

Grip width. With a narrow setting of the hands, triceps are included in the work, if you take it wider - the chest. But there is a nuance, a wide setting of hands shortens the amplitude of the movement of the bar. If the amplitude of movement is reduced, the work of the pectoral muscles also decreases. You need to strive to take the bar as narrow as possible in order to increase the amplitude, but not so narrow that triceps are included in the work and it will look like narrow grip bench press. That is, you are in search of the optimal grip width. Often this position is slightly wider than the shoulder width.

how to do bench press

Work inside the amplitude. One of the important technical nuances of doing a bench press is working with a weight in the middle of the amplitude. What does it mean? When lifting, you do not need to fully extend your elbows. Thus, we will remove the excess load from the triceps and will not bore them. At the top point, the bar does not reach the end, it gives constant muscle tension in the target pectoral muscle.

More on the chest: Push-ups from the floor to the chest

The trajectory of the bar. When performing the bench press, the bar can be pushed perpendicular upward or launched along the path in the direction of the head. You are kind of trying to put the bar on the racks, in the starting position. What is the difference?

In the first embodiment, with a perpendicular bench press, triceps are more involved in the work Order Anabolic Steroids Online. If you press a little behind the head, along a certain arc, the mechanics of movement more heavily load our breasts and minimize the load on the triceps. At the initial stages, it is recommended to press up in a classic style. When you master the technique, you can try various variations and modifications with a bench press in an arc in the direction of the head.

Breath. By all rules, exhalation is done on an effort. In this option, exhale is necessary when you press the barbell from the chest. When lowering the neck, you need to take a deep breath and take in air. Lower the bar must be 2 times slower than push Steroids for Sale Online in USA. Lower slowly - raise smoothly.

The technique of performing a bench press lying on a horizontal bench

Shoulder blades. Another nuance is the condition of the shoulder blades and trapezoid. They are recommended to strain and as if to collect in a heap. We would not concentrate on this. After all, this gathering contributes to the formation of a bridge in the lumbar region of what we need.

Direct your attention to lifting up and, as it were, giving the rib cage, inflating it like a barrel with air, stretching it across the rib cage. So the breast will receive better contractions.

Execution sequence

1. Take a starting position - lie down on a bench, eyes at the level of the neck
2. Take a comfortable grip and with the help of a friend remove the bar from the racks

3. Slowly and controllably start lowering the bar, spreading your arms to the sides until touching the chest
4. Start to squeeze the bar from you a little faster than they lowered, while exhaling
5. Do not straighten your elbows to the end at the top point, maintain tension and without delay begin to lower the bar back, filling the lungs with air.

Position No. 1

Bench Press - Position 1

Regulation No. 2


     "  Pay attention to the warm-up Anabolic Steroids Online in UK. After all, the exercise is basic, and the work is carried out with large weights, for which it is necessary to prepare, as it should

     "  Use a closed grip when the gif is in a certain ring between all fingers

     "  Do not remove the bar from the racks yourself, but ask a friend or colleague in the hall

     "  Do not use the chest, like a trampoline, from which the bar bounces, it is not correct and traumatic

Number of sets and reps

     "  For men: 8 to 10 repetitions of 4-5 sets.
     "  For women: 6 - 8 repetitions of 3 sets.

Bench press lying on the video


If you put together all the rules, you can summarize this result for a successful bench press lying in order to gain mass - a bodybuilding option:

     "  We try to do the grab already to increase the amplitude of movement, but not to include triceps in the work

     "  We work inside the amplitude - so we do not turn on the trapezoid with a fairly narrow grip

     "  We press the bar vertically up (in the first stages) then at an angle up

     "  Do not bridge - press the lower back to the bench and turn off the triceps from work

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