Do the bench press correctly

The bench press is a basic free weight exercise. The person performing the exercise lays on the bench, lowers the bar until it touches the chest and raises until it is fully extended in the elbow joint Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. Used in bodybuilding as an exercise for the development of pectoral muscles, triceps and the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle. It is one of the main disciplines in powerlifting (along with crouching and deadlift).

Classic bench press

A classic bench press is done lying on your back on a bench. In the initial position, the bar is held on outstretched arms above the chest. Then the bar drops to the chest and squeezes again upwards on outstretched arms. There is an alternative option: the bar in the initial position rests on the frame stops at the height of the chest and then squeezed out of this position on outstretched arms and again lowered to the stops.

Breathe smoothly and clearly with each lift. Inhale is done by bending the arms with a barbell. The lungs are filled with air when the bar touches the chest Buy steroids in USA at online. Weight gain is accompanied by a powerful exhalation. Control your grip and elbow position. It should be convenient to carry out the exercise, but for some it may seem discomfort to switch to the correct grip of the neck: the thumb and forefinger close, covering the neck. The brush and elbow are always on the same line perpendicular to the floor. Perform 2-4 sets of 5-10 bench presses to gain muscle mass. Increase weight and do less bench presses. If you lose pounds in the gym, take less weight with more bar presses.

Bench press with a deflection

For the “lift” bench press, the basic elements of the classic bench press remain unchanged, but it uses back deflection. After all, this is logical, since the main task in powerlifting is to lift more weight. And due to the deflection, the trajectory is reduced and additional muscle groups are included. Performing a bench in this style, it is recommended to do it with a pause at the lower point, as provided by the rules of the competition in powerlifting and benchpress Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. If you, of course, plan to participate in them.

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The world record in bench press with arching back belongs to Ryan Kenelli. He was able to squeeze 486 kg from his chest. Although Kenelli did not perform this exercise very cleanly, he could not spread his arms to the end, the judge recorded a record.

Negative repetition

Negative repetition, everyone loves them. Pick a weight heavier than the one you usually do bench press and ask a friend to help you. Start from the “barbell on fully extended arms” position and slowly lower it onto your chest, resist the weight all the way down Safe Steroid Store. The path of the projectile from top to bottom should be at least 5 seconds. Using the support of a comrade squeeze the projectile upwards, on straightened arms and repeat the movement.

How to increase weight in a bench press

Single repetitions

Weigh almost the maximum weight on the bar (about 95% of the maximum). Your task is to complete 3-4 approaches in just one repetition. Please note that recovery after "loners" lasts 4-7 days (sometimes more), depending on the fitness and general physical condition of the athlete. Do not get too carried away with single repetitions, otherwise you can easily come to a state of overtraining.


To increase the initial impulse of the push from the chest, you will have to exercise your legs, and very hard. This may sound paradoxical, but the lower part of the body serves as a kind of basis for the power of the bench press. At the beginning of a correctly performed bench press, your body is like a compressed spring, all of which potential energy is concentrated in the legs. If you fail to train your lower body enough to “open the spring” with all your strength, you will sacrifice a substantial portion of the weight that you could otherwise squeeze. To be able to build such a foundation, you will have to fully devote one training day to the development of the lower body Steroids Direct Australia. You will squat, perform deadlift and prepare your leg muscles for initiation and support of the bench press.

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You can’t immediately try to raise your maximum. The obvious fact, but many athletes make this mistake, suppose you want to raise your maximum - 100 kilograms of pounds in one repetition. It's stupid to start right away with 100 kilograms. Instead, you must first warm up with a warming balance, and then build up the weights along the pyramid, gradually approaching your maximum, for example, you can first do 50 X 6 (obviously, not “to failure”, but only to warm up), then lift weight up to 70 X 5 (also not “to failure”), then 80 X 2 (not “to failure”, but already quite heavy), then 90 X 1, and only then try your 100 kilograms.

Grip and muscles

Maximize the inclusion of your strongest muscle groups and minimize the involvement of the weak by adjusting your grip and arm position. The notorious blind spot usually occurs due to the weakness of one muscle group compared to another. When the movement approaches the point where weak areas of the muscles are involved as much as possible, the bar stops. For example, most often the dead point in the bench press is located in the middle of the motion path, where the frontal deltas are already working less, and the chest and triceps - more. If they are weaker than deltas, you will stop. One way to solve the problem is to adjust the grip width to minimize the work of weaker muscle groups and maximize the stronger ones.

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