How to shake 150 kg or all about the bench press technique

150 kg is not the limit. It is possible to reach 180-200 kg, but does it make sense? Its important not only to reap a lot, but this is not the goal in most cases. Basically, we press to pump up the pectoral muscles (excluding powerlifting) and there is no direct correlation between squeezed weight.

Ill tell you how to correctly perform the bench press, while at the same time progressing in working weights and chest volume.

The bench press is different

There are two main options for a classic bench press lying on a horizontal bench:

  • bodybuilding;
  • powerlifter.

The latter is aimed at the maximum result in one repetition and it does not matter how you achieved it. For example, techniques are used to reduce the amplitude of motion like a bridge:

In addition to the pectorals, to the maximum, absolutely all possible assistant muscles are involved, starting from the legs, continuing with the back and ending with triceps with deltas. Compared to the bodybuilder option, the movement is similar, but at the heart of it is completely different.

Of course, with an increase in strength, the volumes of the pectoral muscles also grow, but to develop them with the help of powerlifting is like hammering the pins with a sledgehammer. Dangerous and meaningless. Unless, for a change, sometimes you can try power penetrations, but no more.

In this article, I will talk specifically about the bodybuilding version of the bench press, increasing strength indicators and effective training of the chest as a whole, which will require a number of other exercises.

However, if you want to work towards powerlifting, start with the video Yuri Belkin:

And the nuances of the power bench lying on it:

The technique of performing a bench press in a bodybuilder style

Usually guys come to the gym and just press the barbell from the chest. He lowered her to the chest, lifted her - nothing complicated. At first sight.

Working with an empty bar neck is really simple and not even traumatic Safe Steroid Store. But its worth starting to increase weight - and beginners like to do it abruptly and thoughtlessly - how problems with the hands and shoulders begin, pectoral muscles are torn and even lumbago happens.

The second problem of the mediocre technique of doing the exercise is that very quickly people come up against the ceiling, which they then cannot overcome for years. Moreover, the "ceiling" is very modest - 60-70 kg, rarely more. And this is when training the pectoral muscles several times a week with a dozen exercises.

Do you recognize yourself? Well, you have to work again with an empty bar to put on the technique of doing the exercise and only then proceed to a very smooth build-up of weights. Well talk about the training program a bit later, but for now well analyze the technique of the exercise directly.

In fact, there are many options, although each differs only in details, and the base is one. First, let's talk about her darling, and then about the details.

The main points of the correct bodybuilding technique of the bench press:

  • Grip bar closed (thumb grabs the bar from the bottom).
  • The buttocks are pressed against the bench, the lower back, if possible, too, the legs rest on the floor with the whole foot.
  • The width of the grip is slightly wider than the shoulders, so that in the lower position of the bar of the hand were exactly opposite the elbows, and not to the left or right of them.
  • The barbell lies on the base of the palm of your hand, to hold the hand straight and in no case to bend it back - this is fraught with injuries.
  • The bar drops to the level of the nipples or just below them so that, again, the hands are opposite the elbows and not move forward in relation to them or back.
  • The amplitude of movement along the arc, that is, the neck drops to the level of the nipples or slightly lower, and rises to the level of the eyes, and not strictly up (in the latter case, the triceps are heavily involved in the work, stealing the load from the chest).
  • At the upper point of the arm, do not fully extend (do not insert elbows), while maintaining tension in the chest Order Steroids Online. At the lower point, do not drop the barbell on the chest and also do not relax the muscles, but only lightly touch the chest. We work inside the amplitude.
  • Never drop the barbell on your chest. We lower it in a controlled and smooth manner: 2 seconds for negative movement (lowering) and in the process we inhale air, 1 second for lifting (positive movement) and exhale.

Visually and very well, the bench press lying lying showed in his video Denis Borisov, although with its own characteristics:

In particular, I do not advise at first throwing my legs on the bench - this is rather dangerous. Too unstable position. Although the load on the pectoral muscles increases, plus this is a good option if you feel discomfort in the lower back. When i happened lumbago in the past, then a couple of weeks could press from the chest only with legs on the bench.

In addition, Denis proposes not to reduce the shoulder blades, but instead to fill the chest with air as much as possible. Try this way and that, but I personally find it easier to flatten the shoulder blades, which significantly removes the load from the front deltas and makes you more stable during the press, as the back becomes flat. He spoke about this very well (and showed) Bradley Martin:

Also pay attention to the position of the hands relative to the body Anabolic Steroids Australia. Bradley showed lifter and builder options. Im comfortable with something in between, you try this way and that. We are all different - the attachment of ligaments, the structure of the muscles is different, so that someone will be more comfortable one, someone else. In any case, at the bottom of the amplitude, the hands should not diverge strictly to the sides, since this is not a completely natural and working position for pectorals when pressing.

How to pump breast and increase working weight in a bench press

I'll start with the working weight, if for you the number of pancakes on the bar is still a priority. In addition, increasing working weights increases muscle mass. The easiest option - read the book Stuart Macrobert "Bench Press 180 kg". There are several simple programs that really work, allow you to get out of the state of deep stagnation (plateau) and significantly increase the result in the bench press. At the same time, in other basic movements, grow strength.

What helped me personally significantly increase the working weight in the bench press, as well as significantly grow pectoral muscles. In fact, a whole range of exercises and specialization. But I will tell you everything in order.

Even a year and a half or two years ago, my bench press swam in the region of 100-110 kg, although more often the working weight for 10-12 repetitions in several approaches did not exceed 90 kg. Now I press 130 for 6-8 times, and the one-repeat maximum is in the range of 150-155 kg, although there can obviously be more if we concentrate on the powerlifting technique. At the same time, my own weight is 102-104 kg.

The first noticeable shift was when he began to train his chest more than once a week, plus he added an exercise such as push-ups from the bars with weight. About 10 years ago he tore the pectorals during its implementation and since then has not done it, having returned only last year.

In particular, I did a couple of months FullBody Workout three times a week, in which the bench press of the bar lying and chest push-ups from the bars alternated, gradually increasing the weight. By the way, Denis Borisov showed a good technique of chest push-ups, but I also recommend extending your elbows less (up to 90 ) so as not to load the triceps, because of the fatigue of which you can simply not load the chest:

As for the smooth increase in the load, I talked in detail about how to do this in this article.

In addition, work on muscle assistants gave me obvious progress in the bench press leading steroids for sale. In particular, on the deltas (army bench press, barbell pull to the chin) and triceps (bench press narrow grip, French bench press). At that time, the working weight in the bench press rose to 115-120 kg by 6-10 times.

Then he tried to specialize directly in the chest, as well as on the back and deltas. The point was that I trained every muscle I specialized in twice a week. In the case of pectorals, one training was power (up to reaching the one-repeat maximum), the second was high-volume for 15 repetitions. Plus, a special selection of exercises (bench press, bench press in a hammer on the upper chest, push-ups from the bars, breeding in a butterfly or crossover) and a smooth increase in working weight from workout to workout. Details about this, including the training program, are written in the following article:

  • Training specialization or how to pump up bazooka hands

As a result, he reached the current indicators in the bench press.

Important Nuances

In the end, Ill bring up a few points regarding the training of breasts that will help you progress.

In particular, not everyone can use the bench press on a horizontal bench directly to increase the volume of the pectoral muscles, that is, for their hypertrophy. For example, for some people, deltas and triceps work more in this movement. The bench press lying on an inclined bench at an angle of 30-45 is considered more effective. I personally prefer the dumbbell bench press on an incline bench:

Bench press with a negative angle, whether barbells or dumbbells, is not very effective, since it loads the bottom of the chest, which already works well in many other movements, including chest push-ups from the bars. I suggest not to waste time on the mentioned exercises.

When strength training for 3-6 reps, try not to work in failure - This is traumatic, because you are not thinking about the technique of the exercise, but about at least somehow squeezing the weight Buy Anabolics in USA. It is best to reap under the supervision of a safety partner so that he can pick up the barbell on time if he sees that you are not pulling it. It is to pick up, and not with two fingers to push and watch how you wriggle snake under the barbell. Believe me, it is better to avoid injury than to please your FWM, squeezing 2 kg more than last time.

The closer you get to your one-shot maximum, the slower your weight gain., and when overcoming it, you can increase the load by 1 kg per week, if there are such small pancakes in the hall.

It is impossible to constantly progress. We reached our maximum, overcame it, even if its 2.5-5 kg ??from above, you feel that it is already at the limit - ok! End on this, take a couple of weeks off from light workouts with 50% of the working weights, then roll back 30-40% from your last maximum and again begin to slowly work on the program, approaching it for 5-6 weeks, and then and overcoming his previous maximum with a minimum step in weight.

Two steps forward, one back, again two steps forward. Try to step forward all the time, or you will get into a state of stagnation, or you will get injured.

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