Lying bench press

At open competitions in the city of Mine for powerlifting, a local athlete, Igor Galushkin, was killed. The incident occurred during a bench press exercise: a 180-pound bar fell on a man’s chest. The athlete could survive if doctors arrived in time, eyewitnesses and experts are sure.

The tragedy happened in the Palace of Sports of the city of Mine Genuine steroids. As part of the celebration of City Day and Miner Day this weekend, the Open City Championship in individual powerlifting movements was held here.

"When performing the exercise (bench press), a bar weighing 180 kilograms fell on the chest of an athlete, despite the fact that he was insured by two people," she said the scanty information from the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Press Officer  Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Rostov region Galina Lyubivaya.

Igor Galushkin was taken to the hospital with a blunt abdominal injury and a bruised heart. The doctors could no longer help anything - the guy died a few hours later. Meanwhile, numerous eyewitnesses of the tragedy are sure: the athlete could be saved, and indeed such a situation would not be allowed.

“The insurers were clearly inexperienced and instead of accompanying the bar, they simply stepped aside after removing from the racks. The administration, along with the television people, immediately after the incident evaporated, ”reports at the forum visitor with the name Incognito_61.

Numerous viewers note another factor in the tragedy Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. As an eyewitness to the competition, a correspondent, was told that there were no doctors in place. Other eyewitnesses add: in the Sports Palace there was not just a doctor, but even the most basic first-aid kit, and the ambulance drove about 15 minutes.

If a qualified physician were in place, he would not have allowed the victim to compete at all, told correspondent President of the Powerlifting Federation of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov Region Andrei Sokolov. According to him, while warming up, Igor Galushkin dropped 150 kg on himself. However, the doctor who would stop Igor was not there, and the athlete himself, who dropped the shell, was silent.

Professional powerlifters do not rule out the possibility that a brain hemorrhage may have occurred when lifting such a weight. It could begin even before the projectile was raised, which caused the bar to fall. But in any case, what happened in the Mines is a rarity for this kind of competition Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. As Andrei Sokolov notes, the maximum that usually happens during such exercises is a dislocation or some kind of sprain.

“Igor generally performed for the first time at such competitions. I myself did not attend them, but I heard from the guys what happened there. They say that he was dropping this barbell while warming up. But there was a serious struggle, so he still came out Buy steroids in USA online shop. Perhaps he simply could not resist, or some kind of sharp pain arose. An ambulance arrived, but, unfortunately, they could not save him. I repeat once again: similar cases at such competitions are very rare. In my memory, this is the first case of this kind, ”Andrei Sokolov told the correspondent.

Whether it was an accident or nevertheless the negligence of the organizers, Don police will find out. In the meantime, it remains only to rely on the words of eyewitnesses Order Anabolic Steroids Online. The Department of Physical Development and Sports of the city of Shakhty actually declined to comment on the situation.

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