Narrow grip bench press

What muscles work with a bench press with a narrow grip

  •      "  The main ones:triceps, mid-thoracic
  •      "  Auxiliary: front deltas

What muscles work with a narrow bench press

How to do a bench press lying with a narrow grip

Today we will talk about triceps training and analyze the basic exercise - bench press with a narrow grip. To enable triceps to the maximum, it is necessary to master the correct technique with which a narrow bench press is performed.

Half of the inhabitants of the hall during triceps training, actually performing a narrow bench, train the same chest that they shook yesterday or the day before with a regular bench, this is not worth doing Steroids for Dogs and Cats in California. All visitors to gyms know that from grip width the degree of triceps activity during the lifting of the bar depends. The closer the hands are to each other, the grip is narrower - the triceps are turned on more strongly. If you take it widely - the triceps are turned off, the chest begins to work.

From this, people conclude that if taken very narrowly, then the triceps will simply explode. In practice, such a reality does not correspond to reality Buy Steroids Online in UK. When the athlete takes the bar and palms are pressed against each other, holding the bar is not comfortable, the hands are not in a natural position, this is an obstacle to the correct triceps contractions.

narrow grip bench press

Roughly speaking, the key factor in the work of the triceps is not the grip width itself, but how it happens elbow flexion while performing a narrow bench press. If your goal is to kill triceps in training, you must perform the exercise as much as possible by extending the elbows. When the chest is swinging, you need to move the load to the shoulder stand and, due to it, press the bar. And the grip width can be said to be secondary.

Professional athletes, without changing the width of the grip, change the trajectory of the barbell, shifting the weight from the shoulder to the elbow.

Execution technique

Grip width. As you understand, grip is not the most important thing. It is clear that with a wide grip it will be difficult to turn on the triceps, so our recommendation is to grip a little narrower than the shoulder width. but with a comfortable feeling when lowering and pressing the barbell, there should be no discomfort in the hands and elbows.

When pressing the bar with a narrow grip, it is necessary to bring your arms to the maximum away from the position above your head, forward. That is, to press not vertically upward, but as it were forward, at an angle, as if pushing the barbell away from you, the work of the shoulders is minimized, and the work of the triceps is maximized.

The position of the elbows. To load triceps, elbows need to be pressed a little to the body Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. So pushing movements will perform much easier and more comfortable from a technical point of view. At the upper point, for a large inclusion of triceps, we fully extend our elbows. 

More on hand: French bench press

Negative slope. To triceps did not go away and booted at 100%, you can press triceps on a bench with a negative slope. You know that in a position where the legs are higher than the head, triceps is more involved in the work, the pectorals get rid of the main load.

Close Grip Bench Press Sequence

1 Buy steroids in USA online shop. Lie down on a bench, feet firmly rest against the floor.
2. Take the barbell with a comfortable grip - just narrower than the width of the shoulders, you can hold it with brushes.
3 Steroids for Sale Online in UK. Begin to slowly lower the bar, lead it to the bottom of the chest, while pressing the elbows to the body, stretch the triceps.
4. At the bottom we make a micropause, do not put the bar on the chest, and then with a powerful push we press the bar upwards, as if pushing it forward with our elbows.
5. At the top point of the amplitude, we fully extend the elbows, shorten the triceps.

Regulation No. 1

narrow grip bench press

Regulation No. 2

bench press with a narrow grip from the chest


  •      "  Wide arms - this is how the chest works
  •      "  Narrow arms - so the hands break, you cant shake a lot of weight, there is no accented load
  •      "  Do not throw your feet on the bench
  •      "  Stretch your elbows fully up
  •      "  Do not take the weight that presses wide grip, you need to take less

Number of repetitions

  •      "  For men: 8 to 10 repetitions of 4 sets.
  •      "  For women: 8-12 repetitions of 2-3 sets.

How can I replace the bench press with a narrow grip

Push-ups from the floor with narrow arms (palm inward), dumbbell bench press with a narrow grip on the triceps

Narrow-leg bench press video


To correctly include triceps in the work, you need to understand the essence of the exercise, and the trajectory of movement during the performance of the narrow barbell press. Extension during the press should be due to flexion and extension in the elbow joints, and not due to the active work of the shoulder joints. You can also press triceps with a grip slightly wider than shoulders, however, beginners will not be able to technically correctly realize all this, athletes with experience will be able to.

Therefore, when performing a narrow bench press, concentrate on the technique, as if push forward, away from you, at the expense of the elbows, and not the shoulders. An analogue is the French bench press of the barbell behind the head, where the movement occurs only in the elbow joint and the bar presses forward.

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