The 12 most common bench press mistakes

Bench press is one of the basic exercises aimed at developing chest muscles and static tension of the whole body. At first glance, it may seem rather simple and uncomplicated, but in fact, the correct execution technique is very important here. Below are 12 of the most common mistakes that can often be seen in gyms:

1. Kicking

Often you can observe how, in an attempt to squeeze one more time, the athlete begins to frantically kick the air with his feet. Also, the execution is incorrect when the athlete throws his feet on the bench - this position does not give any advantages, contrary to popular belief. For the position of the body to be fixed, both feet must be firmly on the floor.

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When removing the bar from the rack, it is difficult not to change the previously fixed position of the body: it may not be possible to bend the back as much as possible and reduce the shoulder blades. And this is the risk of stretching the back muscles. Therefore, it is better to ask a partner or trainer during the approach to remove and pick up the barbell.

3. Incorrect grip

Regardless of which grip is planned: regular, wide or narrow - it must be balanced on both sides so that there are no distortions. As a guideline, notches on the neck fit. To avoid problems with the elbow joints, with the right grip, the forearms should be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor.

4. Quick start

Do not sharply lower the barbell to the chest. Before the start of the exercise, you need a pause, which will allow you to distribute the load on the body.

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The wrists should not be allowed to bend backwards. This creates an additional burden for them and the risk of injury. The bar must be tightly wrapped around your palms and held in the same plane as the forearms.

6. Separation of the head from the bench

Raising the head will only cause tension in the neck and weaken the bench press, not to mention the possibility of pinching the cervical vertebrae.

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Despite the simplification of the exercise, which gives such a position, the spine is subjected to a huge load, which is very dangerous for the lower back. Buttocks should lie tightly on the bench, and the deflection takes place only in the thoracic spine.

8. Incorrect blade position

This will transfer the load from the pectoral muscles to the shoulders. It is necessary to reduce the shoulder blades as much as possible, despite the pain and discomfort, so that the chest unfolds "to the full." 

9. Shrug

Do not try to reap and execute shrugs at the same time (shrug). When you turn on the shoulders, the pectoral muscles are not used to their full potential and the latitudinal ones automatically turn off. And this reduces the effectiveness of the exercise.

10. Neglect of the negative phase or chest trampoline

Not the best way to reflect on the body is beating the bar at the bottom of the trajectory. This technique will not help in lifting the bar, but adding microtrauma to the ribs is easy Order Anabolic Steroids Online. The negative phase is no less important than the positive, so you can not first drop the bar and then catch it already at the very chest, despite the fact that it seems to be easier.

11. Partial repetitions

If there is no contact with the barbell of the chest, then the exercise loses 70% of its effectiveness. After all, it is at the bottom point of the bench that the chest is most involved. In addition, these movements are not very useful for the joints.

12. Inadequate burden

Adequate weights are weights that correspond to the level of muscle development and the strength of the athlete. After all, it is obvious that too much weight is fraught with injury and a damaged reputation Steroids for Sale Online in USA. Using light weight for a short time you can increase strength endurance, but the lack of progress leads to a smooth regression. For reference: independently - at least five repetitions, the rest with the insurer.

As can be seen from the above, the most important thing is the correct execution technique. If it is executed, the result will not be long in coming.

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