The perfect bench press - technique and options

Decided that your bench press technique is imperfect or just starting to work with a barbell? Read this manual and work through the details.

Bench press

The question How much do you harvest? Implies the bench press, and they ask it so often because the bench is one of the main exercises for the strength of the entire upper body. In this guide, all the stages of preparation for the bench press and several options for the exercise are painted.

one. Prepare the muscles

For the most part, the bench press depends on two muscle groups: pectoral and triceps Steroids Direct Australia. If you are going to take the barbell for the first time, then get ready to start by doing push-ups that work on the same muscles. For those who begin to work with the barbell, push-ups are an ideal preparation: they do not require sports equipment, they are simple and effective. Do five sets of 10 repetitions each morning, and very soon you will be able to take up the bench press.

Place your palms clearly shoulder width apart. This will help you keep your elbows gathered while working on the pectoral muscles and triceps. During push-ups, your body should form a clear line, from the head to the heels Anabolic Steroids for Sale. If you put a mop stick on your back, it would lie immediately on your nape, back and buttocks. During push-ups, keep exactly as in the bar.

2. Hone the movement

Its best to start doing a bench press with an empty bar to learn the clear direction of the bar. Yes, at first it may seem to you that the guys from the audience look at you as if they were a slug, but this is not so: even professionals often warm up with one bar, and only then they put pancakes on it.

3. Gain weight

After you have figured out all the details, you can begin to work with weight Steroid Shop UK. Professional trainers recommend adding 5 kg every 2 weeks to the weight with which you work and reducing the number of repetitions by a couple of pieces. In the first two weeks you will do 8-10 repetitions, and in the next couple of weeks - 6-8 repetitions. At the end of this cycle, try to do 10-15 repetitions with a heavier weight.

Exercise Options:

The most interesting thing will begin when you already introduce the body to the exercise and begin to use several types of bench press. Here are three options for a bench press, each pumping different parts of your pectoral muscles. But remember, if you are doing one of these types of exercises for the first time, lose some weight to understand the technique.

Bench press with a slope

Lie on a bench slightly raised at the head and take the barbell on your shoulders with a direct grip. As you exhale, push the bar up and, ending the bench press, slowly lower the bar down Top Legal Steroids. Thus, you work out the upper part of the pectoral muscles, which lovers of the bench usually do not pay attention to. With this exercise, you will carve out the perfect shape of your pectoral muscles, which will look cool when you wear a wide-necked T-shirt.

Wide grip bench press

Lie on the bench and take the bar with a wide grip at a width slightly exceeding the distance between the shoulders Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. Explosive push the bar up. Wide grip involves more muscle groups, including the pectoral, brachial, and even abs muscles.

Tight grip bench press

Lie down on the bench and take the bar as soon as possible. When removing the barbell, slowly lower it to the chest and push it up with an explosive movement. A narrow grip focuses the movement of the bench on the triceps. This is one of the most effective exercises for this muscle group.

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