What exercise do you need to do after the bench press

Do not lower the toilet seat, watch Jason Bourne in a circle and do bench press - this is in the blood of most guys. Go to any gym: on the telly - militants, all the seats are raised in the toilet, and in the rocking chair - not to get to the bench with a barbell.

Of course, the bench press is the best way to build and strengthen the top of the body, and the number of pancakes on the bar clearly demonstrates progress in training Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. Many guys believe that this is how they work on the muscles of the chest, but this is only partially true. A lot more muscle groups are involved in the bench press than is commonly believed: triceps, shoulders, abs and even legs Buy Steroids in UK. In this exercise, so many parts of the body and joints work that it is completely wrong to call it a chest exercise exclusively.

We will not go deeper into the anatomy and say simply: the main task of your pectoral muscles is to converge in the middle of the body, which means to bring your hands together Steroids UK Shop. During the bench press, the hands make only a vertical movement, and this is not enough to make the pectoral muscles grow - for this you need to add other exercises. One of the best solutions is to make a superset from bench press and crossovers Steroid Shop №1 in Australia. Thus, you will feel the muscles work in a full range and load them well. This exercise has excellent dynamics: the maximum muscle contraction occurs at the upper point, and the maximum stretch occurs at the lower point.


one.    The bench press approach for 6-8 reps is the best option for working on weight.

2.    As soon as you do the last repeat, hang the bar on a rack and grab light dumbbells (9-16 kg). Perform 12-15 repetitions of crossovers with dumbbells. Perform the exercise slowly and carefully: 3 seconds spread your arms, 3 seconds flatten, keep the muscles in a compressed state for 1-2 seconds.

3.    Rest for about 2 minutes and do another 2-3 sets.

Now your pectoral muscles are really blazing fire. Do you want another push? Follow the push-up push-up approach - for example, using an expander. Do the maximum possible number of repetitions, and then immediately begin to do push-ups without load - as much as you can Steroids store in UK. Take a rest and repeat. Continue to follow this plan, and soon your pectoral muscles will be able to crush diamonds.

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