12 ways to remove a pout without any abdominal exercises

Bulging belly - one of manifestations of bloating, which itself itself is a natural process of the body. AT normal condition about 1 liter of stomach and intestines are filled with gas then there are about half.

Air in the stomach - the result of the work of microorganisms of the intestinal microflora, bacteria that help digest food. The more difficult it is for the stomach to digest food, the more gas is produced.

Method No. 1: Massage at this point reduces gas formation and unloading the stomach

12 & nbsp; ways to remove a puffy stomach without any exercise on & nbsp; press

Feel the belly button in as a "reference point". Arrange horizontally above it 4 thumb palm Order Steroids Online. Above the upper finger is the desired point. Massage her 2-3 minutes each clockwise and so many same counterclockwise. If you did everything right, in mouth sour taste and salivation will increase.

Method No. 2: Such a massage will help eliminate water retention and relieve pain in stomach if it is

12 & nbsp; ways to remove a puffy stomach without any exercise on & nbsp; press

This point is on the height of the 2nd finger above the navel. Push on her and massage for 2-3 minutes clockwise and so many same counterclockwise.

Method No. 3: This type of massage will increase bowel activity and eliminate the severity

12 & nbsp; ways to remove a puffy stomach without any exercise on & nbsp; press

Place horizontally under the belly button 4 thumb palm Safe Steroid Store. Under the little finger is the desired point. Her also need to massage 2-3 minutes for time and so many same counterclockwise. If done correctly, it will help and with bloating.



Causes of bloating in There can be many healthy people. AT they are mainly associated with nutrition and the work of the stomach. There are some basic tips:

one.    Every morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon.

Water with lemon juice over 15-30 minutes to eating helps to normalize the secretion of gastric juice and relieves symptoms of heartburn, removes belching and prevents gas formation in intestines Anabolic Steroids Australia. BUT also in lemons have a lot of vitamin C.

2.    Not drink milk and coffee on breakfast.

Milk stimulates the production of gastric juice and increases its acidity. Not worth treating him how to a drink Is food and heavy enough. Choose fermented baked milk, yogurt or kefir - in than there are probiotics. They help stomach bacteria digest food leading steroids for sale. As for coffee and beer, they affect the stomach is almost like that same as milk.

3. Not drink food.

Drinks in meal time dilute the gastric juice and concentration of enzymes responsible for digestion. Therefore, the food is digested longer, and fermentation may begin. BUT consequence of this - increased gas formation and bloating.

four. Not drink alcohol on empty stomach.

Alcohol stimulates the production of gastric juice, which in the absence of food in the stomach slows down his work and begins to corrode the walls. BUT with frequent use it kills the microflora of the stomach and intestines. If the question - drink or not drink - not costs, take care that the stomach does not remained empty.

five. Drink tea with ginger.

Sharp on by its nature, ginger soothes the stomach, reduces gas production and intestinal activity. is he also dilutes blood and improves her circulation.

6. Not eat a lot of fat.

Fatty foods, fast food, fatty sweets - heavy food, it lingers in stomach in digestion process. The more difficult it is for the stomach to digest, the more gas it produces. If there is less fat, you can avoid and gravity, and discomfort

7. Not there is "air."

When we eat on run or dry, talk in eating time, chewing poorly, fond of carbonated drinks, chewing gum or smoking, we swallow excess air. is he not carries threats, but leads to bloating and gases.

eight. Not get involved in foods in which a lot of fiber.

These are many fruits, vegetables, berries and legumes. Excess fiber causes gas and complicates the work of the intestine due to coarse fibers. Therefore not worth overdoing with such food.

9. Relax, sleep properly or meditate.

Anxiety and stress lead to impaired intestinal motility. To deal with them, you need to relax properly Buy Anabolics in USA. For example, 15Ц20 minutes of meditation in day calm the mind, stomach, heart and lead in normal blood circulation.

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