How to clean your stomach with clothes, diet and exercise

Nothing heroic. Just adjust your wardrobe, discard a few products and spend 10 minutes a day training.

1. Change the wardrobe

Wear corrective underwear

With the mind, matched lingerie instantly makes the belly flatter. And it is not necessary to wear tight-fitting bodysuits or medieval corsets (although they also work). Buy tights and underwear made of thick fabric with a high waist. However, remember that you cant wear all this for longer than 4-5 hours a day so as not to disturb blood circulation.

How to clean your stomach with corrective underwear

Choose clothes of your size

Even the most slender girl will look full in tight clothes. Yes, its unpleasant to realize that you get into S hard. But put up with reality Steroids for Sale Online. In clothes of your size, you will look better. Feel the difference:

How to clean your stomach with

Prefer specific models


If you want to hide the protruding tummy, it is better to abandon the tight-fitting models Steroid Shop UK. A trapeze, fashionable in the 60s, will look good. In addition to the abdomen, loose dresses will be removed and problematic sides.

How to clean your stomach with clothes:

Empire style silhouette

Tops and dresses with a waist under the chest not only make the bust more lush and attractive, but also hide the protruding belly.

How to clean your stomach with clothes: Empire style silhouette

Tops of casual fit

Airy and softly flowing tissues will not stretch on the stomach. Just dont tuck your top in your pants. So you create a clear border below the waist and make an extra emphasis on the problematic part of the body.

How to clean your belly: loose fit tops

Tops and dresses with an emphasis on the chest

A bright pattern, contrast of colors, frills or lace will attract all looks only to the bust.

How to clean your stomach: tops and dresses with an emphasis on the chest

High Rise Pants & Skirts

If you are worried about a loose tummy, avoid models that are kept on your hips. They will dig into the body and create excess bulges. Choose trousers and skirts to the waist: they work on the principle of a corset, and also visually make the legs longer.

How to clean your stomach: high-rise pants and

Choose the right fabrics and colors

You should not wear things from thin stretching fabrics: they will emphasize problem areas. Choose dense materials such as linen and cotton Buy Real Steroids Online. They keep their shape well, helping to hold and tighten the tummy.

Flaws of the figure will hide dark cold shades. Warm colors visually expand the silhouette in the same way as some patterns. Horizontal stripes, large peas or a cage, a large number of sparkles - all this is prohibited.

2. Watch for food

A special diet "from the abdomen" does not exist. The body loses and gains adipose tissue evenly throughout the body. If you want to reduce your waist, just start eat right.

But there are products that can trigger excessive gas formation. In order not to walk with a swollen belly, give up:

  • White bread and yeast baking. This is the main reason for extra pounds and improper bowel function.
  • Sahara. Tea and coffee are good without refining, and the number of caramels and cookies should be limited until you reach perfect shapes.
  • Liquid calories. Sweet soda, beer and alcohol are full of calories, but do not give any satiety.
  • Legumes and cabbage. Although these foods fit into a healthy diet, they contribute to flatulence.

By the way, check your reaction to dairy products: see if you have any discomfort after a glass of milk, or just get tested Anabolic Steroids Australia. Many people, without even realizing it, suffer from lactose intolerance. It is poorly digested and interferes with bowel function.

3. Do the exercises

The abdomen may appear loose and untidy with weak abdominal muscles. Five simple exercises will help you pump them, which will take you no more than 10 minutes a day.

Side raises of the pelvis

Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body, bend your knees and raise your pelvis so that your right thigh is as high as possible. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds. Straighten your hips, and then lift your left and fix your posture 2-3 seconds.

Do 15 reps on each side.

How to clean your stomach: lateral pelvic

Pelvic rises

Lie on your back and raise your hips. Put your palms on your stomach: thumbs on the ribs, middle fingers on the ilium.

Lower your pelvis without touching the ground and arching your spine. The distance between the fingers should increase. Hold in this position for a couple of seconds, and then return to the starting position.

Now lift the pelvis by rounding the spine and reducing the distance between the fingers. Lock the pose for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position.

Do 15 repetitions.

How to clean your stomach: pelvic

Body raises

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Lift the housing by stretching your arms forward.

Round your back and slowly and gradually lower yourself to the floor Buy Steroids in UK. First try to touch the ground with your lower back, then with your shoulder blades, and then with your shoulders. Now rise smoothly.

Complete 15 repetitions.

How to clean your stomach with exercises: body


Lie on your back, raise your legs bent at the knees, 90 degrees. Raising your shoulders, extend your arms parallel to the floor.

Hold this position and for 10 For seconds, stretch your arms forward, slightly springing. Slowly lower your shoulders to the floor, rest 3-4 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Do 15 repetitions.

How to remove the stomach:


Stand on all fours, leaning on your knees and straightened arms, located exactly under the shoulders.

Exhale, lower your head and round your back, while straining your abs. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds. As you inhale, bend your back in the opposite direction, raise your head and pelvis. Lock pose on 2-3 seconds.

Return to starting position.

Do 15 repetitions.

your back, Hold this, Hold this position, raise your, this position