How to remove fat from the sides and abdomen with exercise

How to remove fat from the sides, these folds of fat over the belt of trousers or skirts? All who are faced with this issue are well aware of how difficult it is to remove subcutaneous fat from the sides and abdomen.

Simple exercises for the press do not help, and not everyone can twist the hoop with spikes. But you can choose exercises that will help you make your stomach and sides fit.

In order to successfully and permanently remove fat from the sides and abdomen, a certain diet, exercises, and body wraps must be used in combination. The main rule for losing weight is to choose the right food Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. There are also slimming belts or wraps that can enhance fat burning during exercise Genuine steroids. However, you can wear these belts and film only during classes and must be removed at the end.

In order for the exercises not to cause pain in the sides and stomach, they must be performed every other day. You can perform strength exercises one day, and aerobic exercises the next day. Do exercises without much stress, for about 20-30 repetitions.

Before how to remove fat from the sides using the exercises presented, you have several dayshow to remove fat from the sides conduct simple exercises, such as exercise, that is, gradually accustom the body to stress Steroids store in UK. Very often it happens in such a way that when we start to play sports, we encounter pain in the muscles throughout the body and give up the work we have begun. This natural process, which takes place after several days of hard work, however, manages to break the goal. Usually we start to feel sorry for ourselves and move the sport to "better times"stopping only on a diet. That's why you need to start gradually, so to speak, warming up the body Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. A written plan of your actions for the coming weeks helps a lot in this regard.

How to remove fat from the sides. Exercises

Exercise on the gym ball

We take a large gymnastic ball with ears, but if it is not there, then replace it with a soft chair, a bench, ottoman or a big soft toy.
The exercise is performed as follows:

  • Lie on the ball with your lower abdomen, focus on the wall with your feet, put your hands in the lock and hold it behind the back of the head.
  • Raise the body up and then again lower it down.
  • During the exercises, control the position of the legs (they should always be in the same position and the knees are slightly bent). Hands all the time in the "castle" and the body to raise to the perpendicular to the wall.

The number of exercises 30 times in 2 or 3 repetitions.

Exercise from pose "Cobra"how to remove fat from the sides

We will prepare a gymnastic rug or any other rug. Lie on the rug in the cobra pose: press the pelvis and legs to the floor, toes are extended, keep your knees straight, and align your back to a position perpendicular to the floor Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. We hold our hands in front for support, but to whom it is convenient you can make support on our elbows. From this position, we first take the left leg back and to the right side, twisting the torso.

Then we take the right leg back and to the left side, twisting the torso. Continue the exercise, alternating legs. During exercises, control so that the range of movements is maximum and does not contract by the end of the exercise, keep the muscles of the lower back and abdomen in tension.
The number of exercises 20 times each leg in 3 repetitions.

how to remove fat from the sides

And at the end of a bit of humor :) So it can be when you are not serious about your health and appearance. We believe that this is not our case!

Surely you know more ways to remove fat from the sides, share them in the comments or write to us and we will publish them.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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