How to remove the stomach. Rules, Tips

“Training should be your habit, but like the rest of the habits, you need to develop it gradually,” says fitness trainer Janet Jenkins, who trains Hollywood stars.

If you have never been involved in sports before, start exercising gradually. To remove the stomach and sides, at first there will be enough training at home. These workouts need to be composed of simple exercises - squats, push-ups, straps, press lifts. No need to train every day if you are a beginner. Follow the pattern: workout day is a day of rest. To remove the stomach, constancy is important.

The initial training scheme to clean your stomach may look like this:

- Monday Wednesday Friday Steroids Australia Online. Vigorous walking or running on the spot (if there is no sports ground) - 10-15 minutes. Squats 3 sets of 20-25 times leading steroids for sale. Push-ups (or push-ups from the knees) - 3 sets to the maximum. Pull-ups (or pull-ups at an angle standing on the floor, if you still can not pull your weight) - 3 approaches to the maximum. Lifting the press - 3-4 approaches to the maximum. Plank - 30-45 seconds.

Start with this simple program. Every week, slightly complicate the load: try to add a few repetitions to your maximum in all exercises Steroid Shop â„–1 in Australia. Increase the time of running or walking - up to 20-25 minutes: it is important to move all this time, alternating between running and walking - with an increase in favor of running.

From about 3 weeks (provided that you are well recovering), enter more exercises and approaches to the press in each workout. You can alternate them: for example, Monday - lifting the torso to the press + bar, Wednesday - lifting the legs in the hang + side bar, Friday - a set of three exercises that go on continuously: lifting the torso from the floor, lifting the legs from the floor, scissors (simultaneous lifting legs and arms up).

An example of a simple workout at home that removes your stomach can be seen in this video.


Advanced workouts to clean your stomach and sides

When you have adapted to weekly activities, go on to interval and circular workouts - they best remove your stomach and sides.

Diversify the set of your exercises: add burpi to them - the number one fat burner of all time, walking lunges, climber steps (take an emphasis lying down and alternately bring your knees to your chest), jumps, jumping out of a squat.

Increase the number of workouts themselves - in order for the stomach to go, you need to increase energy consumption. Beginners in crossfit train according to the scheme “3 days of training - 1 day of rest”. If it’s hard to maintain such a regimen, try to train for 2 days in a row, and then rest.

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Perform exercises in circles, for a while. Alternate and mix exercises.

An advanced training session to remove fat and sides may look like this: running 1000 meters, then 3 rounds for a period of 20 burps, 40 push-ups, 40 sets of abs, then again running 1000 meters.

Or so: 10 rounds at a time - sprints of 100 meters (maximum acceleration), 15 high jumps from a place, 15 burpees.

If it’s difficult for you to make training yourself, take ready-made programs - daily training plans or workouts for weight loss are published on many sites. There are also many paid apps with simple workouts designed to clean your stomach and sides.

Watch a video with a home workout slimming round robin here


Food to clean your stomach and sides

Another habit that you have to acquire if you want to remove your stomach and sides at home is the habit of eating right. “No need to follow the path“ That's it! Since Monday I have been tying with everything! ” This scenario will fail very quickly and you will return to your original menu, ”says nutritionist Jane Kirby, author of the bestselling Diet for Idiots.

Eliminate harmful foods from your diet gradually. Try to get high-calorie meals to your table in the morning. From lunch to evening, leave “light” vegetable dishes.

For example, if you cannot live without bread, eat a few small pieces for breakfast. For other meals, avoid eating bread. Psychologically, it will be easier for you to get used to this restriction if you know that bread has not completely disappeared from your life, but only at lunches and dinners. The same strategy can be followed with other "harmful" products Steroids UK Shop. Allow yourself to consume them a little in the morning - and gradually reduce their use.

Do not overeat - especially at lunch and dinner. Divide your daily diet into small portions. To satisfy your hunger, have a snack approximately every 2 hours. A handful of nuts, low-fat cottage cheese, apple, raisins, dried fruits are suitable for snacks.

Introduce more vegetables into the diet and remove flour, fried, fatty, spicy foods from it. It sounds corny, but to remove the stomach and sides at home, you have to do it.

Lifestyle to clean belly and sides

You will have to become more active in order to effectively remove the stomach and sides at home. Move more - make it another habit of yours.

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In spring and summer, try to ride at least part of the way to work on a bicycle Buy Anabolics in USA. If there is no bicycle, go through 1-2 metro stations on foot.

Sign up for the pool. Play active games with children. Take a walk outside the city. Enter on weekdays, "free from the car." Together, this will give a result, and the stomach will leave.

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