Exercises to strengthen leg muscles

When we are young, our legs run briskly, do not get tired and do not hurt, that is, our legs are also young. But the converse is also true: we are young while our legs are young. Remember how many times you saw young women shuffling as if they were already deeply old Top Legal Steroids. Most likely, they did not pay attention to strengthening the muscles of the legs and are now paying for it with a shuffling gait.

Such consequences most often have sedentary work, a sedentary lifestyle in general Anabolic Steroids for Sale. Of course, it’s easier to sit at home in front of the TV or at the computer than to make an effort on yourself and perform some simple exercises, especially for the muscles of the lower leg and thigh. These exercises can be included in the morning gymnastics complex, or can be performed separately.

A set of special exercises for the muscles of the lower leg and thigh:

one.      The initial position is lying on the back, hands are freely lowered along the trunk or spread apart. Rotate your feet in the air with relaxed legs, as if you were riding a bicycle (the exercise is called a “bicycle”). Move your legs from your hip, not just your knees Buy steroids in USA at online. Imagine how you would ride a real bike. Pace at first choose slow, then gradually accelerate.

2.      The starting position is lying on the back, arms spread apart. Bend your knees slightly. Quickly raise and lower your legs, trying to relax all the muscles except the thigh muscles as much as possible.

3.      The starting position is lying on the back, arms are spread apart, the palms touch the floor Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. Bend your legs and pull your knees to your chest. Pressing your arms and body to the floor, without turning the body, move your bent legs to the right or left, trying to touch the knees of the floor.

four.      The starting position is lying on its side. Bend your lower leg at the knee so that it helps you maintain balance. Straighten your upper leg Order Steroids Online. Make circular movements top  leg: take the leg back, in a circular motion translate it to the maximum height in the same vertical plane with the trunk, also reduce in a circular motion, moving the leg forward, and end in line with the trunk. After a series of such movements, do the same in the opposite direction.

five.      The initial position of lying belly on a bench or chair. Straightened legs rest against the floor with socks. Raise and lower straight legs alternately.

6.      Do a thigh massage from the knee up for 3-5 minutes (in place and while jogging). In this case, massage means rubbing and patting the legs with the palms of the hands.

Perform these exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs daily, 5-8 times each, and your legs will remain young for many years.

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