Getting ready for spring. A set of exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and legs

Bring in belly order and legs - a task requiring 2-3 months. It's time to start training to look at spring all one hundred!

This set of exercises should be done 3-5 times a week for 1-1.5 hours. If the suggested number of repetitions ends faster, repeat the complex from the very beginning. You can break the workout into 2-3 sets per day for 20-25 minutes Buy steroids in USA at online. Try to complement it with walking or skiing or ice skating, if possible. Walking at a fast pace is also an option. 

Turns sitting

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward, firmly pressing them to each other and to the floor. Pull in your stomach, raise your chin Safe Steroid Store. Stretch your arms above your head and connect them with your fingers, imagining yourself a dancer. Lean back slightly and gently turn the case to the left, trying to take it a little bit back. If necessary, lower your left hand to the floor to maintain balance. Also, smoothly go back (raising your hand up) and repeat the same to the right.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 cycles (1 cycle is a left turn and a right turn).

A set of exercises for the abdominal muscles and & nbsp; legs

Photo: AiF / Eduard Kudryavitsky

Head ups

Place your knees on an armchair, sofa or sofa cushion on the floor (legs can be straight or bent), and with your hands rest on the floor. The palms are roughly under the shoulders or wider. The higher the knees, the more difficult the exercise. Do push-ups by bending your elbows. Do not lift your pelvis up!

Do 3 sets of 5-6 times.

A set of exercises for the abdominal muscles and & nbsp; legs

Photo: AiF / Eduard Kudryavitsky

Half Slope Squats

Stand straight, hands with palms in front of the chest, feet shoulder-width apart. Squat no lower than the right angle at the knees, while slightly tilting the case to the right, then to the left Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. One squat - one half-incline to the side. Do not rush, the movements are measured and smooth. If a necessary, put your hands on a support.

Do 3 sets of 10-14 times (make sure that you get an equal number of half-inclines in different directions).

A set of exercises for the abdominal muscles and & nbsp; legs

Photo: AiF / Eduard Kudryavitsky


Put your hands on the support with which you did push-ups. Palms shoulder-width apart. Accept the emphasis on the palms and toes of the feet (if your feet slide on the floor, go barefoot or wear sneakers) UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. Pull in your stomach, tighten your back and stretch your body in a straight line with your legs. Hold this position for 30 seconds without bending your lower back or lifting your pelvis.

Take 3-4 sets of 30 seconds, gradually try to bring each time to 1 minute.

A set of exercises for the abdominal muscles and & nbsp; legs

Photo: AiF / Eduard Kudryavitsky

"Bicycle" breakdown

Lying on your back, bend your knees, feet on the floor. Press your chin to your chest. Pull the left knee to the chest, clutching it and lower leg with your hands and raising your head and shoulders from the floor. At the same time, straighten your right leg above the floor. Count to three and change legs. If itТs heavy, then first return to the starting position, then pull the right knee to the chest. 

Do 2 sets of 12-16 times (equally on each side in the set).

A set of exercises for the abdominal muscles and & nbsp; legs

Photo: AiF / Eduard Kudryavitsky

Three-sided lunges

Stand straight, put your hands on your belt, feet shoulder width apart. Lunge forward with the right foot, directing the knee of the left foot to the floor (the angles at the knees should be straight or larger). Return to the starting position and make the same lunge to the right Steroids Direct Australia. The knee bends again no deeper than the right angle, the foot does not turn, but is set to the side parallel to the left. Return to the starting position and lunge with your right foot back. The knees bend as in the previous positions, the feet are always parallel to each other. Return to starting position and do all lunges with your left foot.

Perform 3 sets of 16Ц20 cycles (cycles are divided equally between the parties, that is, 8Ц10 cycles are necessary for one leg).

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