Statodynamics for the muscles of the legs and back. From talking to practice

Statodynamics - these are movements in partial amplitude, without muscle relaxation.

Static load mode

Bodybuilders and powerlifters came up with a statodynamic load regime and introduced it into the training process. Professor Viktor N. Seluyanov played a large role in the promotion of statodynamics in Russia.

Its worth noting that Professor Seluyanov did not come up with a statodynamic regime, he only modified it in such a way as to accentuate the load on oxidative muscle fibers Buy steroids in USA online shop. Statodynamic exercises were recommended by Seluyanov for the development of strength and aerobic capabilities.

Hypertrophy of myofibrils in OMV (oxidative muscle fibers or slow muscle fibers MMV):

o    Muscle contraction intensity: low Buy Steroids Online in UK. For untrained hands 10% is enough, for legs 60% of the maximum.

o    Exercise Intensity: Low to only OMV (IIM) were recruited.

o    The amplitude of movement is partial, the muscle never relaxes.

o    Duration: 30-60 seconds, until pain / burning in the muscle + 2-3 times / 4-6 seconds, without holding your breath. To increase efficiency, you should perform the exercise in the form of a series of approaches, namely: the first approach is not completely (30 seconds), then the rest interval is 30 s. This is repeated three or five times, then a long rest is performed or another muscle is exercised.

o    Interval of rest: 5-10 minutes of active, or 60 minutes of passive

o    1-3 approaches for tonic training, 4-9 approaches for muscle development

o    1 time in 2 weeks for development Genuine steroids. Tonic for 1 approach can be performed every day.

When performing strength exercises, it is necessary to consider not the number of lifts, not tons - these are formal criteria.


In each approach, certain physiological and biochemical processes must be called up in the body, the content of which the athlete can guess from the sensations.

When training OMV, the correct sensation is pain in the active muscle, which occurs as a result of the accumulation of hydrogen ions in them. This is the main condition for enhancing protein synthesis. Together with pain, stress and the release of anabolic hormones into the bloodstream appear.

The criterion for the correct execution of the exercise is the accumulation of lactic acid in the OMV in the optimal concentration (10-15mM / l), there will be less in the blood Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. This is possible with a statodynamic regime of muscle work and limiting the duration of the exercise.

The experiments

Experiments show that the optimal duration of the statodynamic regime is within 30-60 seconds, and if at that time the athlete experiences severe stress due to pain, then the conditions for the growth of OMV strength are achieved. Since hydrogen ions can enhance catabolism, it is necessary to strive for an earlier occurrence of muscle pain, i.e. closer to 30 seconds. For this, you can use additional weights or a rubber bandage.

It should be borne in mind that the diameter of slow muscle fibers, as a rule, is 30-40% less than that of fast muscle fibers. Therefore, the growth occurs at first imperceptibly, since the density of myofibrils increases due to the appearance of new ones, then the OMV diameter also grows, when mitochondria appear around new myofibrils. But mitochondria occupy only 10% of the total muscle volume. The main growth is due to myofibrils Steroids for Dogs and Cats in California. It has been experimentally shown that with a properly organized training, a 2% increase in strength per training occurs.


It should be noted that more than one developmental workout per week cannot be performed, because with more frequent workouts, the growth of strength is inhibited.

We look at the statodynamics on the muscles of the legs without additional burden, with the weight of our own body.

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