Swing feet. What muscles work and execution technique

Foot Machs: Which muscles work and technique

Mahi legs will help to achieve results in losing weight, tighten the muscles of the lower body, make the figure slim and elastic. MAKI FOODS are absolutely not demanding on inventory Buy steroids in USA at online. They can easily be done at home. At the same time, you can either not use additional equipment at all, or attach weighting agents to the ankles.



Foot Machs: Which muscles work and technique



Swinging legs is a series of exercises for the hips and buttocks, which includes many different variations. With the help of swings you can effectively work out the back, front, outer and inner surface hips, as well as large and medium gluteal muscles. The proper use of this exercise will help you achieve results in losing weight, tighten the muscles of the lower body, and make the figure supple and attractive.

Technique of performing various kicks

  • Load distribution depending on the type of swing
  • How to lose weight or exercise while doing max
  • Technique of performing different types of mach  

Load distribution depending on the type of swing

First of all, let's figure out which muscles work when performing which swings. This must be understood in order to train. legs right.

  • Swing legs backwards designed to work out the muscles of the back of the thigh (biceps of the thigh) and buttocks (gluteus maximus). Moreover, if you do swings with a straight leg, the back of the thigh works to a greater extent and additionally turns on lower back. When you make the legs bent at the knee, standing on all fours - you accentuate the load on the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Forward - the front surface of the thigh (quadriceps) is working.
  • To the side (out) - the middle gluteus muscle.
  • To the side (inward) - the inner surface of the thigh (adductor muscle).

It is recommended to combine different types of strokes so that the muscles of the hips and buttocks receive a comprehensive load.

At the end of the article, we will analyze in detail the technique for performing each type of swing. Exercise is absolutely not demanding on inventory. It can easily be done at home. At the same time, you can either not use additional equipment at all, or attach weighting agents to the ankles.

There are different types of simulators in the hall for performing swings. These are cable simulators (lower block), and simulators for abductions / adductions of the thigh, etc.

Leg swings are ideal for people with knee problems who are not recommended to do squats or lunges. In this case, the exercise is best done standing or lying down, avoiding the position on all fours. In the latter case, the knee still experiences a load - you press on it with part of its own weight.


Foot Machs: Which muscles work and technique



How to lose weight or exercise while doing max

The vast majority of people perform exercises in the hope of changing their figure for the better. The goal can be both burning extra pounds, and gaining muscle mass in the right places. What do the Machs give in pursuit of these goals?


If your goal is to lose weight, swings, like any other exercise, will help you spend excess calories. And the fat layer is the energy reserves of the body. In addition, due to the targeted load on problem areas (hips and buttocks) you will bring these muscles in tone, tighten and strengthen the figure and improve blood circulation, thereby reducing the manifestations of cellulite. In order for fat to leave actively, it will be necessary not only to engage intensively, but also to observe proper nutrition. Then the calorie deficit will be more significant, and accordingly the result you will see faster. Of course, we are not talking about starvation, I think you understand this already.

Kicking legs for weight loss should be performed at a pace above the average, with a large number of repetitions and a small burden (or even without it). For example, each type of swing you can do 3-4 sets of 20 times for each leg.

Mass gain

When your goal is not to lose weight, but to develop the muscles of the hips and buttocks, you can use the swing. Only the approach here is a little different. First of all, weights need to be considered, without it, training will be ineffective. If you work out in the gym, you will be helped by simulators. For example, you can do leg abductions in a crossover or in a special simulator with a roller. At home, use weighting agents or a rubber expander to increase the load. The pace of the exercise should be slow, you can pause for 1 second at the point of maximum muscle contraction. We do 3-4 approaches 10-12 times. You will achieve the most pronounced result if you combine the swing with exercises such as squats, lunges, gluteal bridge, flexion and extension of the legs in the simulator.

Technique of performing different types of mach

So, how to perform leg swings correctly? Consider all options: back (hip extension), forward and sideways.

Mahi back

This type of swing is designed to train the back of the thigh and the gluteus maximus muscles. It is these muscles that make up the bulk of the buttocks. The starting position may be a standing position or emphasis on the elbows and knees Top Legal Steroids. The standing position is used when you are doing the lead back in the simulator. It doesnt matter if you pull the cable of the lower block or push the roller with your hip, as a rule, all these simulators imply a standing position. It also makes sense to do while standing, if you cant stand with your knee resting for medical reasons.

The technique for performing at home is as follows:

  • Stand upright and rest your hands on the back of a chair, table or any other support. Fix the lower back; during the movement, there should be no deflection in the back.
  • Take your straight leg back to the highest level possible. At the same time, the foot is shortened, you reach up with your heel. The position of the back remains unchanged, only the buttock and hip. Gently lower the sock to the floor.

The position of the emphasis on the knees and elbows is more effective in terms of muscle development. Firstly, the amplitude of movement in the hip joint in this case is greater. Secondly, you can do swings as a straight leg, and bending it in the knee, thereby transferring the emphasis of the load on the buttock. Of course, it is also possible to deflect a bent leg while standing, but not very conveniently.

So, for emphasis on the back of the thigh:

  • Take emphasis on the elbows and knees. The back is flat, the lower back does not sag, the neck is a continuation of the back, that is, you do not need to lift your head Steroids Direct Australia. Straighten your working leg back and place your foot on your toes.
  • Raise your straight leg, trying to reach up with your heel. Do not try to raise your leg higher due to deflection in the lower back - the back is fixed. Lower your leg and repeat the movement as many times as necessary.

For an emphasis on the buttocks:

  • The starting position is the same as in the previous version - emphasis on the knees and elbows. Only do not set aside a leg back.
  • Lift the leg bent at the knee, and slightly bend it at the top, as if your task is to push the ceiling with your heel. You should feel the active work of the gluteal muscles, fix the lower back. Lower your foot.

Theoretically, you can perform swings with your foot back on the floor, however, in this case you need to use a soft mat, as unpleasant pressure can be applied to the pelvic bones.

Mahi forward

This exercise develops quadriceps or the front of the thigh. The hip joint allows the leg to be advanced forward with a large amplitude, so the movement is quite simple.

  • Stand upright, hold the wall or the other support with one hand.
  • Shorten your foot and lift your straight leg up to the maximum height at which you will not round your back. Lower your foot.

By the way, in addition to quadriceps, abdominal muscles work. Lying can also be done, but load in this case, very insignificant.

Mahi away from himself (abduction)

This exercise allows you to work out the middle gluteal muscles, which give the buttocks a rounded, tightened shape. You can do it while standing, on all fours or lying on your side. In the hall for such swings you can also use simulators.

Standing Technique:

  • Stand upright, grasp the support with one hand.
  • Shorten your foot and take your straight leg to the side as far as the hip joint allows you to. At the same time, the spine does not bend, and the body does not bend in the opposite direction. Lower your foot down.

On knees:

  • Take emphasis on your knees and elbows. You will need to put one hand on the palm of your hand. It should be the same arm with which foot you will do the exercise. The elbow of this arm remains slightly bent UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. Straighten your working leg, take it to the side and shorten the foot.
  • Raise your leg up and lower to its original position. If the exercise with a straight leg is still too difficult for you, bend it at the knee and make swings to the side with the knee.

Feet lying on his side:

  • Lie on your side. Rest your head with your hand or lean on your elbow. Put your other hand in front of you. The leg, which is located below, can be slightly bent at the knee to give stability to the pose.
  • Raise and lower your straight leg. You can take it a little forward. Stop, as always, in a reduced position.

Mahi towards yourself (ghosts)

This movement is also called reduction, as opposed to abduction, since we bring the foot to the midline of the body or even lead out for it. Here the inner thigh surface works - the adductor muscle.

The exercise is performed standing or lying on its side. The first option is mainly for execution in the hall, and the second is quite suitable for home conditions. The amplitude of leg movement in this exercise is very small. Therefore, doing it standing without any burden is not very effective. Accordingly, for training without equipment, lying is recommended. However, the technique should be outlined in any case.

Standing execution:

  • Stand upright, holding the support with one hand. As an option - you can perform the exercise with both hands resting on the table. In this case, you will have a small angle in the hip joint.
  • Stretch your working leg forward, pull the toe toward you. Spend the working leg in front of the supporting leg, trying to bring it as far as possible beyond the midline of the body. That is, your legs are crossed Buy Steroids at a low price in USA. Return to starting position.

Variation lying on its side:

  • Lie on your side, leaning on your elbow. You will work with the foot that was below. It needs to be brought forward a bit and shorten the foot. Bend the leg, which is on top, at the knee and place it on the foot. Put your other hand in front of you for stability.
  • Raise your working foot as high as you can. Return to the starting position.

As for breathing during exercise, it is traditionally believed that inhalation should occur in the phase of muscle relaxation, and exhalation in the phase of tension. This is true for performing power swings, that is, when you are doing the exercise at a slow pace. When working fast, count your breath so that you inhale and exhale in several movements. That is, you do not need to try to breathe as fast, breathe in a mode that is comfortable for you. Mahi goes well with other exercises for the legs and buttocks. Train regularly, but do not forget about the rest. The first results will be noticeable after a couple of months of active training.

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