Chechen sets world record for barbell squats

A native of Chechnya, Vlad Alkhazov, representing Israel, broke the world record at the international powerlifting tournament in Minsk Safe Steroid Store. It is reported by                                                 

Vlad performed a squat with a barbell of 525 kg without the use of special equipment. Alkhazov, whose best achievement was 505 kg, twice broke his own record in this tournament. In the second attempt, the athlete obeyed the weight of 510 kg, and in the third - 525 kg ..  Alkhazov is the only person in the world who crouched with a barbell weighing more than 500 kg.
Vladislav Alkhazov was born in the Chechen Republic in the city of Grozny in 1978. Already in childhood, he emigrated to Israel with his parents Buy Steroids with Credit Card. Alkhazov’s family settled in the small town of Arad. Vlad's childhood was quite ordinary, he stood out only for his high growth. Leanness seemed to him a problem, so he wanted to gain some muscle so as not to look too thin. From the age of 15, he begins to engage in sports, even despite the fact that the town did not have normal halls. 

Vlad Alkhazov was engaged in the gym with his friends, but they devoted themselves more to bodybuilding, and Vlad wanted to know how strong he could become, because already at the age of 20 he had good strength indicators. 

The attitude to sports at that time in Israel was very ambiguous Buy steroids in USA at online. Nobody forbade sports, but no funding was allocated, so the athletes were forced to buy everything at their own expense. Athletes themselves organized various powerlifting and bench press tournaments in the country. Vlad Alkhazov tried to take part in all of them. Over time, his strength indicators grew. By 2004, Vlad crouches already 470 kg, presses 250 kg while lying down and pulls 375 kg Buy anabolic steroids in Australia. The sum of triathlon begins to approach world results, which prompts Vladislav to appear on the international stage. 

The first competition of this kind was to be the Canadian Open in 2005. Israeli sports officials denied Vlad Alkhazov funding his preparations for this competition. Then Vladislav showed up not as a representative of Israel, but as an independent athlete. At this championship Vlad becomes the World Champion and champion UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. Among other things, Canada, Russia and Ukraine received proposals to represent them in powerlifting competitions. 

In 2006, Vasil Virastyuk accidentally falls into training with Vlad Alkhazov, who offers him to try his hand at Strongman. Vladislav took the third place at the next competition, and already in 2007 he became the third in the world. 

Vlad Alkhazov wanted to show himself in the USA, so he begins to prepare for the tournament "Arnold Classic". At these competitions, he was able to show the following results: squat 507.5 kg, bench press 200 kg, deadweight 355 kg (Andy Bolton took first place in these competitions).  In January 2008, Vlad Alkhazov set an absolute world record in squats - 567 kg. 

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