Overhead Squats: new findings

Squats with a barbell over your head is horrible Buy steroids in USA online shop. This is one of the exercises that annoys both crossfit beginners and weightlifters. Your hands fail, your knees move forward, you roll onto your socks, and sometimes it seems that your back muscles are simply cracking.

You should learn how to correctly squat with a barbell over your head for one simple reason - to perform a jerk. We constantly use the jerk in CrossFit training and squats with a barbell over our heads - this is one of the components of the correct jerk performance. And in order to carry out a jerk with a lot of weight, you should learn to cope with this weight above your head at the moment you exit the deepest position of the squat. So we inevitably train over-head squats both in CrossFit and weightlifting.

But, as I said, for many athletes at the beginning of their career, this exercise can be difficult and can lead them into a stupor. Also, this exercise is often difficult for coaches to train athletes, because when I do the exercise, I can feel my body and can use some of the tricks of its mechanics to improve the technique; It’s not always easy to bring these tips to the mind of a beginner. A lot of time is spent on practice with light, and then increasing heavy weights to achieve the appropriate result.

And in order to help both you and yourself, in training this exercise, I gathered some very respected trainers from all over the country and asked them this question: “I’m succumbing to squats with a barbell over my head. How can I fix them? ”And so, what each of them said:

Tamara Reynolds (Tamara Reynolds) is a competing weightlifter and co-founder of the Weightlifting Academy (World Weightlifting Academy), a global strength development institute, as well as a nationwide weightlifting team. Tamara is also a trainer and co-owner of Asheville Strength, which is located in the town of Asheville, North Carolina.

Use the barbell! Do not try to learn squats with a barbell over your head with a plastic pipe. If you really can’t complete the 20 kg bar exercise, use 15 kg or lighter.

The difficulty of the exercise is to hold the bar over you, and the plastic pipe can easily be fixed in any position and not even notice it. You need to learn to feel where the bar should be in order to fix this feeling in your head. And it is the use of the bar instead of plastic that gives you such an opportunity.

One of the most important elements, in my opinion, is the ability to fix a stable position. The bar should be fixed above your position so securely that even if I stand behind and try to put pressure on it, it should not give in. Tighten up! To achieve this state, I use the following tips:

  • Wrists back! For some reason, I see a lot of people doing squats with a barbell over their heads and a jerk with their knuckles pointing forward. This transfers the weight of the barbell to the weak joints of the thumbs. Turn your wrists back and point your palms up as if you were pushing the ceiling. If your knuckles are looking forward, then the bar will want to move forward. This must not be allowed;
  • Stretch the bar! Imagine that you stretch an elastic band to hit an annoying little brother Characteristics of training techniques in bodybuilding. When you stretch the bar in different directions, it makes your elbows lock and the top of your back strain.

Samantha Tollman (Samantha Tollman) - a competing weightlifter and assistant trainer for USAW Level 1 certification, is also a technical trainer with Mike Burgener at CrossFit Weightlifting seminars (Weightlifting) Has CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting and USAW Level 1 certificates.

Oh, those damn squats with a barbell over your head! This exercise can be a gift for some and a fierce retribution for others. To get better at squats with a barbell over your head, you should work on flexibility.

Not for everyone, but for most people, the problems lie in the lack of flexibility in the shoulders, chest, hip biceps, or hip flexors Buy Steroids Online in UK. Work on stretching! Take a look at a couple of Kelley Starrett mobility tests, and look for tips on squats with a barbell over your head.

Also, my favorite hint when doing squats with a barbell over my head is the ponytail. The bar should always stay where the ponytail (hairstyle) is, right behind your head. The barbell should not go back when you perform squats, but it should not go forward further than your face. This works for both men and women - the ponytail!

Lori Rico (Lori Rico) is a trainer at SISU Elite Fitness in Norwalk, Connecticut. Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics (gymnastics), Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Level 1 (weightlifting), as well as OPT Mixed Modal and CrossFit Mobility (mobility).

Would you rather try to hold the bar with muscles or with bones? It is clear that the bones are stronger and more stable. To use your bones, turn the armpits (shoulders) inside out and fix your elbows. I often tell athletes “show armpits” when doing this exercise. Do everything to turn your elbows out.

While old-school crossfitters use “active shoulders” and shrug their shoulders like crazy, it’s much better not to pull your shoulders up to your ears, as this leads to some turn of the elbows inward, and this is what we are trying to avoid.

While squatting, direct your knees to the sides, not forward! Tighten, squeezing your butt, tighten your stomach and screw your feet into the ground, using the rotation outward. Kelly Starrett did an excellent analysis of the very idea of ??hips turning outward in the video below (starting at 1:30).

Stephen Flamm (Stephen Flamm) - Owner and head coach at Cincinnati Strength and Conditioning. Has certificates CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting (weightlifting), CrossFit Kettlebell (kettlebells), OPT CCP Exercise Physiology (exercise physiology): Assessment, OPT CCP: Program Design (program development), OPT CCP Nutrition (nutrition specialist), OPT CCP Lifestyle Coaching (trainer for lifestyle) and USAW Level 1.

Most of the difficulties with squatting with a barbell above your head are due to one or two main problems. The first is the restrictions on stretching, which do not allow the athlete to completely and correctly lower to the lower position. As a rule, the ankle, muscles of the chest, back, triceps and thoracic spine are to blame. The second - even those who are doing fine with a stretch can feel uncomfortable in a lower position. The solutions to this problem are commonplace and they will need to spend more than one evening.

The first step: find a good coach or partner who can help overcome all emerging or existing stretch restrictions. Once the desired level of mobility is reached, achieve comfort at the bottom of the squat using a delay in the low position for a second or two during all your reps. Not a pleasant task, but it will help get rid of discomfort or help you get used to it by the time you have to hold the bar.

And finally, it should be understood that squats with a barbell over your head are needed to develop strength and develop equipment mainly for crossfitters and weightlifters, while for the rest this is more of an optional exercise Steroids for Dogs and Cats in California. As always, the choice of exercises for training should be carried out with an eye to the long term.

My findings

Each of these trainers has noticed at least one important thing that I use when working on squats with a barbell over my head.

Tamara pointed to a stretched bar Steroids for Sale Online in UK. You may be shocked at how useful this tip is in practice. Try her out. Try to stretch the bar as if it were a rubber band and you will see how it will affect your stability in the shoulders.

Samantha and Stephen discussed mobility and stretching. It is crucial to have sufficient mobility, both in the shoulders and in the hips. Your adductors, thigh biceps, buttocks, should be prepared so that you can turn your hips out and fall into low gray without losing control and falling.

Laurie spoke about "twisting" the legs into the ground - try it! As soon as you have a good enough stretching and mobility, try to apply this tip, which will allow you to open your hips and keep your back straight, keeping your leg muscles in tension.

Stephen spoke of a delay at the bottom of the squat. This is a great opportunity to accustom yourself to calmly endure the most uncomfortable part of the exercise. In general, you can take a little weight and work on it - sit down, hold up and feel a few things. Are you stretching the bar to the sides? Are you twisting armpits and brushes? Knees to the sides? Check the implementation of all the prompts down there, and at the same time accustom yourself to comfort.

In general, you should choose the tips that work best for you. Be mobile, stretched, tense, turned out and good luck!

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