Shoulder Squats - Exercise Technique

Squats - This is one of the basic exercises in powerlifting and bodybuilding Steroids store in UK. Most often, squatting is used as an auxiliary, general strengthening and rehabilitation exercise. Together with deadlift, such an exercise is very effective, as it promotes the growth of body muscles. At the time of the squat, more than one muscle group is involved. Of course, the biggest load goes to the muscles of the legs, but in addition to them, the muscles of the back, abdomen and buttocks also work.

The largest load lies on the following muscle groups:


      gluteal muscles;

      adductor muscles of the thigh;

      straightening muscles.

Since squatting with a barbell on your shoulders is classified as a heavy exercise, mastering the technique and observing safety are prerequisites. In this case, the greatest danger is an injury to the knees or back. In most cases, this happens due to improper technique or working with the barbell without first warming up the muscles.prisedanie-so-shtangoj-1

The correct technique for doing squats with a barbell on your shoulders:

one.    The first thing you need to get hooked under the bar, while focusing on the top of the trapezoid. The bar must be held with a grip from above, without touching the shoulders with your palms. It is worth knowing that the narrower the grip you make, the easier it will be to control the bar.

2.    Next, holding the shell, you need to straighten up and take a step forward, and then spread your legs shoulder width apart. The position of the feet should be flush with the knees Buy Steroids Online for Bodybuilding. Dilute socks by 45 degrees, straighten your back (lower back may be slightly bent). This situation should not change throughout the exercise Genuine steroids. Still, before starting the exercise, you should find a point on the wall (should be at eye level) and look at it all the time when approaching.

3.    Once you have taken the starting position, you can begin to move down. Watch your knees, they must be in the same plane. However, do not forget about the feet, it is impossible that they take off the ground. As soon as you descend to the bottom point, immediately without any pauses, make an upward movement.

four.    Following this sequence, do the planned number of repetitions of squats.


Shoulder Squats

In addition, it is worth knowing the following Buy Anabolics in USA. In order to take care of your safety, you should squat in an athletic frame with insurance, so you will avoid unwanted injuries if you do not overweight. You need to carry out the approach next to the racks - then put it back.

Breathing while squatting: inhale - move down, exhale - move up.

  A weightlifting belt can be used to protect the lower back. It is also recommended to use elastic bandages for wrists and knees. Many athletes wear special overalls.

  Speed ??and depth of squats are best discussed with a trainer. In the future, you will be able to experiment and select the optimal weight yourself.

  There are only two cases where a squat with a barbell on your shoulders does not bring any benefit. The first (its easy to eliminate) is the wrong squatting technique. By the way, this is the fastest way to get injured. The second is directly related to physique Steroids Online with Great Discounts!. For example, for those with short legs and a long torso, the squat is not so difficult; much worse if the opposite is true. So it also happens that physique is involved in the effectiveness of the exercise. But do not be upset and discouraged, just understand that this exercise is not for you.

How to do a squat with a barbell on your shoulders? There are questions left - watch the video, or comment, we are always happy to help!

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