Zercher squats with a bar - technique and benefit

Squats are one of the most popular exercises in the fitness world, because powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and, of course, crossfitters love it. In fact, the squat is often called the “king of exercises” because it is of great importance in the development of the athlete’s strength and power, and this is not counting many of its other advantages.

There are a huge number of different variations of squats: squat with a barbell on your shoulders, with a barbell on his chest, with a barbell over your head, and this is not counting their various variations, such as box squats, with rubber belts or chains and many others. But what about Zercher squats? That's right - Zercher squat. No, this is not the name of the disease.

Zercher squat is one of the most underestimated types of squats, which can raise the strength and power of an athlete to a new level. Louis Simmons, the legendary powerlifter, owner and strength trainer at the Westside Barbell, said about the benefits of Zerker squat:

He will teach you how to squat Safe Steroid Store. He will teach you to push your knees apart. Keep your back tense. Squeeze the "rolls". Everything that is possible.
Louis Simmons


Zercher's squat is named after its creator, Ed Zercher, a strongman and powerlifter of the 1930s. Certainly, Zherher’s home hall looked more like a scrap dump than a training venue, and was littered with toys such as anvils, cores for demolishing buildings, and various other pieces of equipment Anabolic Steroids Online in UK. It is clear that at that time the athlete had something to experiment with, performing various exercises, before inventing this type of squat.


1. You have two options to start the exercise. The first is to place the finished bar on the floor and then raise it (as in deadlift) to the level “just above the knees” Order Steroids Online. Try to keep it opposite the bottom of the quadriceps, and not at the level of the knee (where the knee pad is usually).

Now you have to sit down neatly by placing the barbell on the lower thigh until your hands slip under the bar so that it is above the inside of your elbows (this can be quite uncomfortable when the bar rests on the inside of the elbows, so you can place it there T-shirt or towel to reduce discomfort). The second option is to place the bar on racks at the level of the body and then crouch by placing the bar in the bend of your elbows.

2. Make sure your elbows are somewhere shoulder-width apart and your knuckles are looking at the ceiling.

3. Grasp the fingers of one hand with the palm of the other - this will help you hold the bar and prevent it from rotating and slipping.

4. Hold the bar firmly against your body. The legs should be slightly wider than shoulder width (a couple of inches), and the socks are slightly turned to the sides.

5. In this lower position, your elbows should touch your hips, but your fists should still point up. Get up, clutching your buttocks and pushing your heels. Remember that you should direct your knees in different directions when you move up.

6 Buy Steroids Online in USA. To return to starting position, just sit down again. As always, the mechanics of squats in the hips are no different. Start by moving your hips back and making sure that while lowering your knuckles on your hands are still pointing to the ceiling.

7. Remember, the further you take your elbows away from the body during the descent, the more traction is on the bottom of your back (and the more you provoke activity in the abdominal part).

NOTE: Be sure to stretch your thigh muscles massage roller before doing this exercise. Also remember that socks should be set apart at 20-30 degrees when doing the squat. This will enable the hip flexor muscles and thigh biceps muscles.


As Louis Simmons states, Zercher's squat is a great exercise for developing squat mechanics, especially for beginners. It enhances the involvement of the thigh muscles, makes the athlete maintain proper posture throughout the exercise and allows you to squat deeper than is possible in most classic squats.

By removing the barbell (and hence the load) from the back, Zercher's squat relieves the athlete of the compressive force acting on the spine UK Steroids for Bodybuilding. This is a great exercise to replace squats with a barbell on your shoulders during fasting weeks / cycles, allowing you to give your spine time to recover. Moreover, the mechanics of the exercise itself leads to the fact that the core muscles work additionally.

Since the weight is located in front, in front of you, you will be forced to maintain a more direct posture, which means that most of the load falls on the front "stabilizers" - for example, on the press. Zercher’s squat uses the main muscles responsible for straightening and moving the person much more than the more traditional squats with a barbell on the chest and shoulders, which makes this exercise an excellent option for the development of gluteal muscles and muscles of the biceps of the hips.

Finally, Zercher's squat is very closely related and extremely useful for strongman exercises such as lifting and carrying Atlas stones and carrying "rocker". But the benefits from it are not limited to the hall alone. Zercher’s squat can also be used to improve overall fitness in everyday activities for people such as firefighters or workers of a wide range, as well as for all others who need a good physical shape and a strong body - in particular, this is useful for all crossfitters.

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