Fit Elements Fargo Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes

With our small studios, we make it easy for our instructors to get to know you! At Fit Elements, our studios embody a community-like atmosphere where you will feel welcomed and become a part of something greater as you are surrounded by women with similar goals and desires.

Our group classes are a fun and exciting way to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals and are designed for women of any age and fitness level. You don’t need to try to keep up with anyone. Have fun & do your best as you work your way to a stronger, leaner body.

Be ready to sweat a little (or maybe a lot), follow your instructor’s guidance, and enjoy 45-60 minutes of heart pumping, life-changing goodness.

*Limited space is available for these classes. Please register on Mind-Body or call to reserve your spot. These classes are free for members and $15 for non-members. You are able to sign up for classes up to four weeks in advance.

*No shows will be charged $15. You must cancel 24 hours before your scheduled class time. This will allow others on the waitlist the opportunity to participate in the class.

Anti-Gravity Cocooning

Join Hypnotherapist, Saree Janz as she guides you on a calm and relaxing journey through a visualization meditation suspended hammock style in one of our silks.
Sleep, meditate, or just focus on doing nothing and emerge rejuvenated and revived for the rest of your day or week.

Leave this unique experience feeling centered, calm and revitalized. A calming of the mind is powerful for both mental and physical health.

No two classes are alike with each session holding a new meditation.

This class runs from 45 minutes to an hour. 

Private classes available. Perfect for birthday parties or bachellorette parties. Need a minimum of 5 people to schedule a private party. 
Call the club at (701) 356-5200 to schedule!



BARRE - This workout combines the best elements of ballet barre, Pilates, functional training and stretching. focus on the lower body, developing strength and flexibility from the ankles up to help create long, lean, powerful muscles.


BODY BLASTAn energetic cardio workout using the STEP to train fitness, agility, coordination, and strength. The exercises are done in a superset format – Exercise 1 followed by Exercise 2 with no rest in between. Resistance and cardio combined to help you get the best of both worlds.


FIGHT- An experienced instructor leads cardio kickboxing class by demonstrating choreographed movements of punches, kicks, and knee strikes set to fast-paced music.  


FIT (HIIT) – Functional Interval Training: A total body circuit that focuses on functional movements and interval training that will build strength, endurance and coordination. 3 circuits of functional intervals combining strength, cardio and core.


GRAVITY – The GTS, gravity-training device, encourages functional exercise movements by using leverage, bodyweight as resistance through a cable, pully and glide board system.  This 45 minute class takes you through an ever changing, progressive and fluid series of resistance training movements using the GRAVITY Training System.


POUND - A full-body cardio jam session, combining easy-to-follow cardio moves with strength training and drumming. The workout fuses Pilates, isometric movements, plyometric and yoga-based poses using lightly weighted drumsticks, Ripstix™.


POWER – A strength format focusing on a low-weight, high-repetition principle. This class uses body weight exercises and an adjustable barbell loaded with weight plates. 


RIDE – Ride from the shoreline to the hills in this journey that is designed to provide you with the optimum in fat burning and strength building. This ride will simulate varied terrain as you tackle rolling hills, sprints and other drills to give you a great interval workout. 60 min in the saddle.


Silk yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor, and postures practiced using a soft fabric “trapeze” (called a “sling”) suspended at waist height. This is the same fabric that aerialists use in the circus, but in aerial yoga our body weight is distributed between the fabric and the floor, allowing us to access traditional yoga postures in new ways.


Squat when the beat drops! STRONG Nation (formerly Strong by Zumba) uses kickboxing and other moves for intense cardio burn. Each move is synced to original music for the ultimate motivation! 

Surfset Fitness

SURFSET® is all about getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging your body in new ways. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core & stabilizer muscles and shock the system to create real change inside & out. 


Hatha Yoga - A specific emphasis on breathing, meditation, and postures. A focus on gentle asana without any flow between poses.
Vinysa Yoga - A dynamic and flowing style of hatha yoga which links breath and movement through a creative series of postures that balance strength and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness through a continuous flow. Vinyasa is cleansing, heat building and suitable for the physically active.
Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, Is an intense form of yoga performed in a heated studio.

YOGA - Vinyasa

YOGA - Vinyasa - A dynamic and flowing style which links breath and movement through a creative series of postures that balance strength and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness through a continuous flow.


Hot Yoga – Bikram (26 poses) or vinyasa (flow) yoga with a room temperature of approx. 99 degrees.


ZUMBA – A dance-fitness program that provides a high intensity cardio and toning workout in a party-like atmosphere. The routines combine easy-to-follow dance steps and effective fitness moves.